clear skin solutions

Clear Skin Solutions' mission is to help relieve the suffering caused by acne and to do so at a reasonable price.

We take a holistic approach that includes education on product ingredients, diet, lifestyle, and stress management. 

This education combined with a customized home care regimen and regular acne facials provides a path to clear skin without the use of harsh antibiotics or Accutane.

Core Values: 

Kindness, Compassion, Honesty, Integrity and open Communication

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what clients are saying

"Jenny is a miracle worker!...Within 2 months of seeing Jenny I was completely clear and getting tons of compliments on my skin".

- Cindy S.

"My skin has never looked better and it's been such a wonderful gift. I am eternally grateful to Jenny for helping me achieve such amazing results".

-Emily S.

"My skin felt calmer after one session and I started seeing results within a month!...Within three months, I had no more acne! It has now been five months and I am so much more confident in my skin, with or without makeup".

-Tanya A.

"Jenny Díaz cleared up my sons acne that had plagued him for years...Thank God we found her".

-Ann P.


Jenny Diaz

Owner/ Esthetician

As someone who struggled with acne for many years, I know the emotional toll it can take. Now on the other side, nothing brings me more joy than to help others achieve beautiful, clear skin.