*by appointment only*


45 minutes

New clients must have an online consultation prior to their first acne treatment and/or prior to beginning the                          home care program.

During the online consultation we will discuss your skin history, we will go over lifestyle factors that can contribute to acne, and we will talk about what you will need to do to get clear. 

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30 - 45 minute treatment

Includes cleansing, exfoliation (either a mild peel or a more gentle enzyme), extractions, mask and high-frequency.

Recommended every 2 weeks until skin is clear. Clients typically clear in 3 - 4 months.

Maintenance facials are recommended every 6 to 12 weeks depending on client's skin and acne type.

LED Blue light therapy can be beneficial for active acne as it helps to kill the P. acnes bacteria. 

LED Red light activates collagen/elastin production, promoting skin healing which can help with scarring.

20 minute LED session


Clear Skin Solutions is not offering Spa Style Facials at this time.

ARMS - HALF    $30

ARMS FULL    $45

LEGS  - HALF    $35

LEGS - FULL     $55

BACK - HALF    $35

BACK - FULL     $55

BIKINI                $40

BRAZILIAN        $50

CHEST                         $30 

HANDS                        $15

SHOULDERS               $25


STOMACH - FULL      $35

TOES                           $10

UNDERARMS             $15